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Our Services


You can count on us for a clean, organized and efficient installation. It doesn’t matter if you are looking into a 5 gallon Nano or a 1000 gallon monster. Residential or commercial, fresh or saltwater, planted or reef. Stop by the shop and we will help you will any questions about our installation services.
Our Services


Tired of lifting buckets? Getting everything wet, and spend countless hours researching online how to keep a thriving aquarium? The secret is periodic maintenance with purified water and high quality salt for saltwater tanks. Our Service includes:
1.- Health check for fish and corals
2.- Inspect that the plumbing and equipment is working properly
3.- 15% water change with RODI water and high quality salt
4.- Cleaning of glass inside and outside
5.- Refill freshwater top off reservoir
6.- Professional water quality test
7.- Emergency service 24/7
Our Services

Custom aquariums

We invite you to our store and see our custom display tanks. We are affiliated with the best aquarium builders in the world and our staff will help you to find exactly what you are looking for. Some of the shapes that we can build are rectangle, bow front, bull nose, half circle, cylinder, hexagon, and corner.
Our Services


Do you have a freshwater tank and think you are ready for the big jump? We have got everything you need to convert your tank from fresh to salt, from the equipment you needs to tips of how to keep a thriving tank.
Our Services


Moving from a house or office? We offer relocation services. We have the experience and everything needed to move you tank doing our best to make sure there will be no losses and in a clean and efficient way.