About Us

We are a full line aquarium store; at Reef Valley you will be able to find everything like food, filtration systems, aquariums.

If you are looking for a one of a kind system, we have a custom aquarium service where we can guide you trough all the process from choosing size, shape, fish, etc.
Our Store

Our store holds over 2000 gallons of water where we offer tropical fish, invertebrates, corals, and plants.

We work really hard to bring in the best fish from our suppliers. We work with the best breeders and importers in the whole country to be able to offer the healthiest fish and corals. From common freshwater fish to the most exotic saltwater fish and coral. Reef Valley promotes the selling of aquacultured fish and corals to reduce the numbers of animals taken out of the ocean to help perverse coral reefs.
At our showroom you will be able to see different types of aquariums. One of our salesperson will help you finding the aquarium that best suits your plan.